[PS4/PS5] Content Update for Inquisitor


Patch version: PS5 1.002.000, PS4 EU/US02.21, JP 01.21

New features:

  • The game now shows the active user during registration and account linking process
  • [PS5 only] Game now supports the adaptive triggers technology of the DualSense™ wireless controller
  • [PS5 only] Previously unlocked trophies on PlayStation®4 will automatically unlock on PlayStation®5

Fixed bugs:

  • [PS5 only] Fixed trembling objects and effects (frame blend disabled by default)
  • [PS5 only] Hero of the Imperium and Mechasapient trophies will now unlock properly when they have been already unlocked on PlayStation®4
  • Fixed a bug when after skipping the tutorial during character creation no mission was created
  • Fixed a bug when 'DLC unlocked' popup windows appeared multiple times
  • Fixed a bug when crafting a shard or a psalm was not working properly
  • Warp Heat effects of psyker characters can be enabled and disabled again in Options menu
  • Crusader characters now move towards the target when using the Block skill


  • Get ready for Season 4 as we are planning to launch it on the next week!
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[PS4/PS5] Content Update for Inquisitor
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1 year 67 days ago
As of yesterday, after buying the Mask of the Martyrs from Custodian Rebus, it appears I that I can no longer attain cortex fragments. They have stopped dropping entirely.
1 year 68 days ago

More stuff that I can, with a great deal of confidence, say is broken or not working at all:

- the “Cold Blood” skill from the critical hits skill tree that is supposed to be awarding +1 class resource point on Critical Hit does not work at all. With a critical chance of over 50% right now I will run into mobs AoEing them, see several yellow critical hit indicators, and watch as nothing happens at all with my focus bar.

- the Cerebral Feedback skill from the Movement skill tree is supposed to award me -0.1 sec from cooldowns on Critical. , When using a Personal Void Shield, the only cooldown it seems to take into account is the actual cooldown % stat, as having maxed out crit and using AoE seems to be largely insignificant in changing the cooldown.

- the Loot Quantity and Loot Quality stats are not functional at all. I did a complete Hardcore mastery run of the Amber void Crusade, totaling over 800+ end loot bonus, Over 200 Loot Rarity Bonus and over 50 Loot Quality bonus only to be awarded a single holy enchanted item, a few ancients, and several Archaeotechs/Relics with minimal stat rolls and some that don’t even have 3 random enchantments! This is with 143 Loot Quality Bonus and 117 Loot Quantity Bonus.

- to drive the point home - the Tarot Card/void shard chest awarded me 15 cards with 192 Loot Quantity bonus. It also awarded me 15 cards at 0 Loot Quantity Bonus (this is with a maxed out Venom Card)

- Tarot cards are wildly temperamental when they decide to actually work or not. I currently have maxed out Venom, Treasure Trove, and 3/5 Momentum cards, and for 75% of my hardcore void crusade missions not a single tarot card will drop.

- To further emphasize just how temperamental they are: I have, several times, picked tarot cards that will add 2 villain-level enemies to the map only for zero villains to appear at all.

- Empyrean Seals do not work, at all. When using the specific Seal to help the loot pool sway towards implants, finishing off a Hardcore Amber Void Crusade with a Supreme Mission at lv 109, I managed to get all 1 handed melee weapons and shields - every drop, which seems almost like a statistical impossibility.

- The devs have publicly stated that, for every mission level past Lv96, there is a 3.5% chance for dropped gear to be over level 90. I am currently Level 100, and just ran a Supreme Mission in a mastered hardcore Amber Void Crusade at +11, giving me 52.5% of acquiring Lv91+ gear - however, zero Lv91+ items dropped.

- To expand on the above point - I have been Lv100 for well over a week and even running missions at base level would still put me at roughly a 14% chance to acquire said gear. I have yet to see a single Lv91+ item of any kind, whatsoever.

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1 year 85 days ago
It is intentional. Intel missions always spawn in the highest ranked unlocked subsector, in the highest level system.
1 year 86 days ago
Just to echo another user’s experience - I, too, have been experiencing all of my consumable buffs last only a single mission. For several weeks, at that; months, possibly. For reference, I play the ps4 version on the ps5

What I have tried that has not worked so far:

- deleting/reinstalling

- switching to the ps5 version

- deleting all versions and playing from the streamed PS+ version 

- starting a new character and switching back

- using a consumable buff, logging out and logging back in

- using a consumable buff, and then engaging in a non-tarot card mission

oh, also, not sure if this is intentional, but whenever I use an Intel, it only ever gives me missions in the Phaera System - exclusively in that system.

1 year 86 days ago
Then tell me why my game on ps5 look nothing like the trailer? Where is improve shadow in console theres a lack of shadow in environment. The shadow is only on chracter and object that move like flag or chain hanging but in the trailer you show a missiom riding mech in city ruin theres shadow everywhere.
1 year 86 days ago
The trophies will get another check then, I'm sorry that the fixes still did not force some torphies to unlock automatically.

Consumable and relic item problems were forwarded!

Co-Op troubles were fixed, please let me know if you get any more errors from now on! @THEWORMJ

@FINNDECEMBER‍ we are not running any scam here. Further improvements are going to be implemented with the next-in-line PS5 patch and the recent changes also increased the performance. And no, we did not use the PC version for the trailer. :)

1 year 87 days ago
Why are you ppl talking about Meme and such ONLY having 1 Charge? I will imagine they did it on Consoles too many a moons ago. This is all correct.

Why are you nagging about a thing that got fixed MONTHS ago?

1 year 88 days ago

Previously unlocked trophies on PlayStation®4 will automatically unlock on PlayStation®5 does not work.
On PS4 I had unlocked Platinum trophy. When the patch came almost all Trophies were unlocked, except a couple of them.
I tried to unlock them, but they do not unlock even with completing the requirements for it. Like All kinds of Trouble.

1 year 89 days ago
I have experienced the same glitch's as lifeofareaper.

Buff items claiming to last 5 missions last only 1. 

Any multiplayer game stalls at completion then shows a "disconnected from neocore server" message. I have only been playing this game TOO play with friends, it is EXTREMELY irritating for something so integral as basically the entire multiplayer experience to be in shambles.

1 year 89 days ago
Im also having issues with consumables, like meme virus, lasting only one mission despite saying 5. Additionally i cant seem to complete a multiplayer mission since the patch, once my friend and I go to leave the mission is sits around for a few seconds and then tells us that we have been kicked from the server, leaving the mission incomplete, or at the very least, still up.

Also, althought it seems to have fixed itself, for about an hour or two after the patch I was unable to keep any of my in mission loot after the mission. It would all just disappear when i got back to the ship. Lost somewhere between 6-8 missions of loot.

I'm a PS4 user, if it matters.

Side note, i thought empyrean slaughter WAS s4.

1 year 89 days ago
Its new character ps5 version
1 year 90 days ago
Hi FinnDecember,

I agree, it's definitely not hitting 60fps on the PS5 even at 1080p. Can I ask if you are using an older character from the PS4 version or a new, native PS5 character? I tried a new character yesterday on my PS5 and the difference was surprising. Could you please let myself and @MARCOPOLOCS‍ know as he's trying to get to the bottom of it.

1 year 90 days ago
Still not hitting 60 fps and no improved in graphic. Play the mission in city ruin and see how ugly the game is only shadow on character but not the ruin. Are you scammed money from us by using pc footage in trailer? No one attemp to sue you guys for all this fake upgrade that cost $25 while other is free is really surprised me.
1 year 90 days ago

Consumables like Meme virus and Destruction amplification work only 1 mission, but description says, it should last 5 missions.
Relic items have double enchantments(the same enchantment two times).
When you compare Relic items with the ones You are wearing it says it is either  -2147483534 worse or +2147483493 better, than the one You are wearing. The difference is in 10 digits.

1 year 90 days ago
Can you tell me in more detail what bugs are you referring to?
1 year 90 days ago

Whaat? You have different performance experience on your old char compared to your new one? That's something new even for me. 

I will ask around about the adaptive triggers. 

Thanks for getting back and also your patience over the last 4 weeks!

EDIT: I opened this thread earlier than you posted your comment so I didn't see your 2nd comment.

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1 year 90 days ago

Update #1

1. Adaptive triggers do work but only on certain weapons and actions, so that’s awesome.

2. Playing as HGC again and when there were a lot of ‘unclean’ NPC’s looking for a piece of me, things got REAL slow. The environment was industrial, in the sky with a mesh/grid floor (a lot of transparency).

I’m going to try the new character more tonight and see how things progress with a new, native PS5 character to see if it’s a platform carry over thing.

1 year 91 days ago
Hi @MARCOPOLOCS‍ , I'd like to give some feedback on the new pach if I may.

1. Screen tearing is definately better ... BUT

2. My old character that came from the PS4 (Heavy Gunner Crusader), the camera rotating from left to right is still janky compared to the PS4 version (it's not a smooth motion) ... BUT

3. My new character (Assasin) the camera rotation is VASTLY smoother, as is the overall gameplay frame rate.

4. The adaptive triggers don't seem to be working, at least not that I've seen so far in 1.5 hours of post-patch gameplay.

5. Haven't seen any gameplay stutters or pauses, so that's awesome!

Hopefully this helps getting the last bit of polish done to the game.

1 year 91 days ago


When are the bugs concerning consumables, relic enchantments and comparison going to be fixed?

1 year 91 days ago
The first fix is addressing that problem. :)
1 year 91 days ago
Thank you Marco but no mention of the screen tearing issue (which I think everyone was most upset about). Any news on that ?