PS4: Yes another "broken" post


Same as everyone else posting in the last few hours.  Played into a situation where I couldn't complete chapter 2 due to not being able to find the biologis, and was stuck at 4/5 clues.

Deleted all characters to start anew and couldn't, or at least thought I couldn't.  Apparently it was making one each time I accepted the character name but was not showing it was accepted.

Restarted to find that I had a dozen or so characters, and had to delete some.

Now that I can play, I can't get past the first survivor mission.  It seemingly hangs up.  Eventually it will load system screen but will not show any missions.

Bummer.  I had hopes of this being my new grind fest.

Please get it fixed, as I'd really like a chance to see the entire story play out.

Thanks for your time.


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PS4: Yes another "broken" post
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2 years 198 days ago
Agreed. Please.
2 years 198 days ago

until the latest add on "khorne" the game was at least playable. now all missions are broke and no progress is possible.  I hope that there will be a fix soon.  

LegendaryKillerX on PS4

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2 years 199 days ago
At this point we have all purged our accounts in desperate fervor to make something/anything work. 

"My pilot is dead, I will say a prayer for him later" lol

Come join us on the "Unplayable Edition" post, band with us.

Also we are making a community to better squad up after resolution. 

PSN - OvRmind