PS4 - White clouds bug - Weapon performance issues


After playing on my Psyker I have noticed that a warp anomaly, the purple warp tornado that chases you, is spewing out large white flickering clouds. This also happens when one of the Khorne commander mobs (Herald of Khorne, I think) does it's aoe attack. These clouds are large and noticeable, and seem very much out of place, obscuring the effects underneath.

I have also noticed that certain weapon cause significant performance issues the more they're used, the game will slow down quite a lot, and if used in larger fights, it will slow down to a crawl. So far, I've only noticed this with the Radium rifle alpha/beta and the Wyrdvane staff. The game performance is already kind of poor as it is, but these weapons make it unplayable, and as such, I've been avoiding them.

I'm playing on a normal PS4

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PS4 - White clouds bug - Weapon performance issues
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2 years 342 days ago
Frame blending does indeed improve the performance on normal PS4, so I can't really turn that one off. I suppose I'll just have to live with the clouds for now then. To be fair, they're not at all that much of an issue to me, It's mostly the drop in performance caused by some weapons that bothers me.

Oh well, it's not enough reason for me to drop this game, since I do quite like it, hopefully these issues get fixed at some point though.

2 years 343 days ago

Disable "frame blendIng" in the video options to get ridi of the cloud glitch.  Especially on ps4 pro I would recommend disabling  it anyway since gameplay and visuals feel less smooth with it enabled IMO. For instance fiery Aura when running looks not got having frame blendIng on as well.. but on normal ps4 you might find frame blendIng useful overall then you need to live with this glitch for now..

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