PS4 Trophy queries


1st of all, loving the game and looking forward to season 2.

Couple of little questions from a member of the PS4 trophy hunting community.

Is there any possibility of adding some tracking for 'Veteran of Battles'.  Pretty much every other trophy has a way of roughly tracking progress via in game feats.   Being able to track the progress towards 50 MP missions completed would be very handy.

The 2nd question is for the 'Hunter of Hunters' - Kill 5 boss creatures trophy.  Is this currently only obtainable via the war zone nemesis bosses?  Known whether this is the case would be very handy for the trophy hunting community.  Any plans for 1500 rated boss creatures to feature in season 2?

thanks for all the effort in continuing to develop this work.

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PS4 Trophy queries
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1 year 175 days ago
Your Veteran of Battles trophy is on 35 currently!:)

Yes, the Warzone Nemesis can get you have the Hunter of hunters trophy since there are less than 5 boss type enemies ingame!