PS4 Tearing Bug



First, I would like to thank the developers for having created such an amazing game, we can see the level of details and the love for the W40K franchise.

That being said, this post is to report once again the Tearing issue that PS4 (both PS4 FAT & PS4 PRO) users have already been reported previously. I prefer to create a new thread to clearly distinguish the "Tearing issue" from the "Low FPS" issue.

While I can understand that resolving performance issues (Low FPS Issue) can be a very complex topic, I'm very surprised that the Tearing issue is still in the game today. It should not be that problematic to resolve.

You can easily notice the Tearing issue on PS4 :

=> during gameplay on any map (just move the character or rotate the camera)

=> during the cinematics (just launch the game & watch the intro cinematic, as soon as there's a traveling or some actions, tearing is clearly visible).

Please notice that this is the only PS4 games on which I face this Tearing issue (I have around 30 games on the PS4). I tried to switch on/off the "Frame Blending" parameter included in the game, switch HDMI cables, tried 3 different TV, HDR on/off, 720p/1080i/1080p and various PS4 system settings... Nothing is resolving or reducing the problem.

Sorry to say, but I'm concluding that the VSYNC is not activated in the PS4 version or wrongly implemented (not working).

Could you please check that VSYNC subject with the dev team? Request them to do a POC with a VSYNC ON game build and another build VSYNC OFF to compare the results until it's resolved? Or even better add a VSYNC switch in the game on PS4 version?

The solution for the Tearing issues has always been the VSYNC (yes it puts more input delay on competitive games but it's not the subject here).

I have created that post under the BUG category because it's hurting the eyes of all PS4 users and many users I've discussed with are simply quitting the game because of this. Even worst, you can find threads on other websites (reddit, gamefaqs...) of people not buying the game because of this issue or by fear of still encountering the Tearing problem (which is the case still today if we are honest). So if some people are not buying the game because of this, you clearly have a P1 bug to resolve.

I hope my message will be well received by the community and the dev team, the game is really good but this Tearing bug is such a nightmare for PS4 users :(

I'm willing to help if additional information is required (please do not request more video footage, the problem is so obvious on PS4, you just need to start the game on PS4 to reproduce the Tearing issue), thanks in advance.

My specs below :

PS4 FAT (v8.03)

WAR40K Inquisitor Martyr (v2.14)

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PS4 Tearing Bug
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