PS4 Sound bug


I've been playing for a little bit. Just got the Tarot machine for the quest
But Suddenly the sound has stopped working. I get no sound except through my controller. I've played a few missions but the sound doesn't work. I've turned my ps4 off several times and when it comes back on the sound will work untill I start a mission
as well if I make a new character the sound works 

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PS4 Sound bug
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1 year 74 days ago

Due to the complexity of the issue (we have to gone through immense testing to find the particular combination of sounds causing this) it will take time to handle the problem but naturally this is on our to-do list!

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1 year 76 days ago

85 days later the sound bug still exists. Whether solo, multi, tarot or warzone the bug is still there on ps4.
When do you solve the problem? in another 85 days?

1 year 161 days ago
Thank you for your report, this is a known issue by us and we will get it fixed as soon as possible!