PS4 sign up mistake's.


I hope not many people made my mistake but i entered my email incorrectly before starting martyr on ps4 and didn't bother verifying the email in my excitement , now 3 days later it wont let me sign into my ps4 account. Now again i entered my email incorrectly by typeing it as my old email which share the same name, is there anyway to reset this without haveing to dig up this old email? Because there no way im able to recover the old one...

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PS4 sign up mistake's.
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5 years 329 days ago
I have the same problem. Screwed up the first ingame registration with a wrong E-Mail. Support couldn't help me so far. Any suggestions? Tried nearly everything, nothing worked. Game won't start anymore... 
5 years 330 days ago
Please contact us via live chat from the banner on the top of this site and we will assist you through the procedure.