PS4 Pro - Feedback after the first few hours


So, I bought the game and played it yesterday for the first time.

My feelings on it are mixed, tbh. I'm playing on a PS4 Pro, Balanced Mode (1080p), with the Imperium Edition, and overall it seems that little to no thought has been given to convert a PC Mouse&Keyboard game to be played and enjoyed on consoles. Similarly, there seems to be little to no optimization for the console version on PS4 (see Technical Issues listed below).

Here is a bit of feedback concerning things I've noticed so far:


Very bad Screen Tearing:

Pretty much every bigger camera movement, especially vertical movement, results in screen tearing.

Frame Rate Drops:

Even just starting out with the game, playing solo, the FR can take bad dips. This is especially weird, since I am playing on PS4 Pro in the 1080p Balanced Mode.

Load Times:

For the size of the environments, the load times for missions are pretty long, especially on a PS4 Pro.


I don't want to disparage people's work, but compared to many other games of this type, the graphics, from character models to cut-scenes to movement animations to the environments, the overall impression seems sub-par for a 2018 release on current gen consoles (or PC, for that matter). I know you're a small studio, but some of the stuff just looks really bad (especially coupled with screen tearing and low frame rates). Maybe some polishing could be done here? Not asking for Warframe-like environment remasters, but... still.

PS4 goes into overdrive:

Even just sitting at the character select screen, not on a mission, the game makes my PS4 Pro turn into an airplane turbine. It's loud enough to be heard through my headphones. I think this is actually the loudest I have heard my PS4 on any game, and it sits in a well ventilated area and is cleaned regularly.


Being forced to change character orientation through movement:

While I understand that this is not a twin-stick shooter, the controls, especially targeting enemies by movement with the left stick instead of the right feels weird and bad. As a console player, I have been used to moving with the left stick and targeting/aiming with the right. I understand the added benefits of a free moving camera, but I would still appreciate an option to sync my character's orientation to the camera for a better and more action-oriented experience. The way it plays seems more designed for Mouse&Keyboard gaming than controller support. I would much prefer a Diablo Style camera (moving the camera by 90° with the D-Pad) with the right stick solely controlling character orientation - or the character simply turning with the camera, even though that makes things like 180° turns rather cumbersome.

Menus seem designed for Mouse and Keyboard:

Especially the Inventory Menu takes ages to navigate because you can only jump from one item to the next and don't have a free-moving cursor to quickly do something on the opposite side of the screen. Why not give console players a free-moving cursor, similar to the one in Destiny? Control the cursor with one Stick (or even better, the touch pad), highlight/jump between adjacent items/menu options with the D-Pad. As a by note, when you finish a mission and look at your loot screen, if you have two single slot items (addons like Neural Implant, Purity Seal, or Grenade etc.) next to a double slot item (two handed weapons, melee weapons etc.) you cannot select the lower one-slot addon to see what it is - it seems like only the left and right actions work here, not up and down.

No custom button layout:

It should be mandatory for games these days to allow you to make your own button layout. It's not that complicated but offers a huge amount of personal game-experience customization.


Rarity is confusing:

Maybe I am a bit damaged by Destiny, but Blue loot registers for me as superior to Green loot - especially if the Blue loot is called "Mastercrafted" while the Green is just "Rare".

Inventory sorting:

It would be nice to have the Powerlevel Sorting option also put the loot into categories so that you can quickly see which one of your three shotguns is better.

Loot Boxes:

Seriously, why? I just don't get that, but you're not the only game doing it, so... okay, I guess. Still, why make me wait for 5 seconds until I see my loot?


Unable to see Weapon Skills during Missions:

I know that this will change with 2.0, as the inventory will be available during missions (I hope), but since 2.0 on consoles is still months away (at least), it would be great to - instead of a fully fledged inventory - to be able to see your current loadout with descriptions of skills and stats during missions.

Mission Order:

This might not be a big thing, but usually side missions should be unlocked by reaching certain steps in the campaign. As such I found it strange to be allowed to play a Side Mission where a character that I have not yet found in the campaign is talking to me and acting as mission support.

Camera Zoom:

Tbh, I'm not sure why there even is camera zoom, as my natural instinct would be to keep it zoomed out to see enemies as soon as possible, but I find myself often inadvertently zooming in or out while turning. An option to have a close, medium, and distanced camera locked in (changeable by pressing the right stick straight up or down) would be much appreciated. Or maybe you could just limit the sensitivity of triggering zoom in/out with the right stick, so pushing it to one side and only slightly, accidentally, up or down does not affect the zoom factor?

Combo not triggering when killing one enemy in a group:

This seems to happen frequently, using a combo move (melee abilities 1 and 2 with assassin swords, for example). I use the area attack (skill 2) and expect it to trigger the combos on repeated use, but when I kill an enemy of the group I am attacking in one hit, I keep getting only the normal first attack on consecutive attacks - despite the fact that, when I attack nothing, the combo triggers.

Lock on and Enemy Targeting:

This goes back to my problem with being forced to move to target enemies, often meaning I have to turn my back on them and walk around them. The lock-on seems iffy at best, as the movement doesn't allow a lot of fine control and it often seems to unlock the targer for no reason I can tell. And, once locked on, I seem to be locked to a certain range for changing the lock-on to another target (for example, I locked-on to an enemy at range, I get mauled by melee enemies, but I cannot lock-on to them without switching lock-on off, moving around, hoping to highlight one of the close-up enemies, then lock-on again). It's especially frustrating if I just want to bash some enemies right next to me with a melee skill, but I run through them and up to the enemy at range I have locked on. Maybe a better option would be for short-range melee attacks to disregard the locked-on target if it's outside of immediate range? That way you could, for example, attack minions surrounding you while still keeping focus on the Commander in the distance.

This is it for now.

After the first ten minutes, I thought I had wasted my money, as things seemed so very awkward and not-for-console play. The graphics were also off-putting. I warmed up to it, enough so to take the time and type all this, but I really wish there had been more time taken to make this an enjoyable action-RPG played with a controller. And more time to optimize the technical aspects for console - I mean, as graphics and effects go, I don't see why this doesn't play at a solid 60FPS on PS4 Pro.

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PS4 Pro - Feedback after the first few hours
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273 days ago
Target acqusition is probaby the biggest gripe I have with the game. 

For some reason my inquisitors think mines and trap  skulls are the most dangerous things in the galaxy. Nevermind that boss or the five daemons hitting you in the head with big swords. Second place is that tiny enemy that can't even get through my defences hiding half across the map in heavy cover. 

Oh and I want a shield made of those wires that mines sometimes hide behind...

This might seem like nitpicking but when you get above battle 40 in the warzone targetting can really screw you up.

274 days ago

To add to my wants:

It would be great if you could mark stuff for lump sale in your inventory.

Similarly, it would be nice, if you could see and change your equipment in the store. 

So... Why not merge the store into the inventory and/or vice versa?

275 days ago
Just installed this on my PS4 pro,  good to hear/see your comments.  I will play for the weekend and am now Curious to see to see if I have same issues. 

Are you playing the digital version or Disk?