PS4 Optimization Please!


PS4 OPTIMIZATION PLEASE - While running this excellent game, the PS4 has regularly told me 'The PS4 is running too hot.' And to power-off. However, I have regularly cleaned my hardware and run other games without ever before seeing this issue. I have noticed it primarily where large draw distances are used, such as city rooftops, etc. As such, I browsed for a setting to turn down the draw distance, or remove the fog/weather effects. The game runs great, the PS4s excellent hardware crunches this game. Except for certain levels. During the main campaign, I had to play one level repeatedly while ignoring the error to bypass a level (map?) the PS4 clearly could not handle. Other than these blatant performance drops coupled with 'overheating' messages, the game runs great and I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and plan to play numerous classes/sub-classes/difficulties.

To The Developers -- 

1) Please spend some time optimizing the default visual settings for the PS4.

2) Beyond this, give the player options in controlling the visual settings. Draw distance, texturing, lighting, fog/weather/effects, etc.

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PS4 Optimization Please!
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3 years 235 days ago
I noticed on my PS4 Pro that the fan goes crazy on the SKILL screen, where it looks like nothing is happening. Sounds like a jet getting ready for takeoff. I'm guessing something is happening there that shouldn't ;)
3 years 236 days ago

thank you for addressing this problems, our developers are currently working on improving the general performance which hopefully will be a thing soon!