[PS4] New update is out for Van Helsing III



A new update is out now in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III on PS4. The patch contains various crash-related fixes, most of which appeared during the final boss fight.

Should anyone still run into any of these crashes, please contact us at [email protected] so we can prepare another fix. Not that we assume it would need another update. :)

Here are the details of the patch:

Patch v1.03

  • Fixed a crash issue when loading into the final story campaign mission
  • Fixed a crash issue which occurred in the final story campaign mission
  • Various other memory related crash fixes

Enjoy the Hunt!

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[PS4] New update is out for Van Helsing III
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2 days ago
I really hope you guys decide to release VH: FC on consoles...at least the next gen PS5 consoles, you guys did such a great job combining the game, getting rid of bad stuff and keeping the great stuff and streamlining the game from 1-100 instead of making peeps start over at level 1 on the 3rd game.  I tried playing the standalones and just couldn't stomach the 2nd / 3rd one as much.  I still have a blast with VH: FC on steam and if I ever see FC released on console, me and my bro are going to buy that up asap and play the hell out of it