Ps4 inquisitor martyr chapter 2 glitch


Ive got a bug on chapter 2 where it shows 4/5 clues for saving thorn but no chapter mission is showing for me in the sector. Username: Lord_Balin character: Lord_Balin

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Ps4 inquisitor martyr chapter 2 glitch
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363 days ago
it's by design. The Prophecy campaign has a couple missions dedicated to the Tech Adept, where it's explained what the Tech Adept was doing when the events of Martyr unfolded. 
363 days ago
That sounds broken. Can we expect a fix for the main campaign with the Tech adept?
363 days ago
Oh ok, thank you very much for the info!
364 days ago
That would be because you chose the Tech Adept as your character. He can not play the Martyr campaign. If you want to play the Martyr campaign with friends, you need to start a new character different from the Tech Adept. Have a great one!
364 days ago
Hello, i have started a game with my character and i seem to have started straight into the dlc missions, which is preventing me from playing the initial story online with friends. Could you help me sort this out? My nickname in game is Marlbor and i'm playing on pc, steam.
1 year 76 days ago
IGN : JoshAlmighty09

Stucked on chapter 1 , mission 3

After i completed the mission it goes back to the main and doesnt clear the mission. All loots are not saved as well. I repeated it 4x and it wont let me go through

1 year 87 days ago
Stuck in on the chapter two mission. Will not let me head to the system to inquire about Magos.

Psn: Skrag

Character name-Beanhemoth

1 year 87 days ago
I am also stuck.  on PlayStation 4 version, PSN Red-Mage_Galen, character Dijo.
1 year 141 days ago
We found a similar issue on your Psyker character - Obii. The bug was fixed. The issue affecting your other Psyker - DaWizzy - was forwarded for a deeper investigation. I would like to ask your patience until our devs investigate the problem. This will likely take at least 5 business days.
1 year 147 days ago
PSN ID: Xtra_Cheddar

Game name: DaWizzy

1 year 147 days ago
I am having same issue PS5. Playing online coop I can’t progress Terra Incognita. The Captain is locked and I can’t even purchase items anymore. Also Void Crusade constantly crashes in online coop and you can no longer progress the crusade. I am enjoying the game but the amount of bugs is making it borderline unplayable.
1 year 159 days ago
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1 year 178 days ago
i am having the same issue on ps4 with chapter 2 mission saving Caius Thorn. i have 4 of 5 clues and the data terminal shows the mission name and progress bar, but i have no indicator showing me where to go next and when i open the data terminal the mission info dissappears. 

char name: Lucifeld
1 year 182 days ago
Hi I am having same issue on PS4 am not getting the mission after talking to Caius for the first time after getting Metrodora onboard the ship.

PS4 use: rg

Char name: elEvidente

1 year 223 days ago
The issue was fixed!:)
1 year 223 days ago

I have a similar issue after an online coop ,stuck in martyr hunt without mission to do in ps5

Id Super-robotaisen 

caracter name: Goldorak (crusader)

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1 year 253 days ago

Fixed the issue just now, please check on your character.

1 year 257 days ago

chapter 2 story glitch

cant Access the last mission to save thorn in chapter 2 On PS4 Pro

Character name: Snape

character class: Heavy Gunner Crusader

ps4 iD:  Himondius

1 year 320 days ago
Never mind.  I have decided to delete the character Zaix and start over.  Thank you if someone had attempted to fix the issue.
1 year 321 days ago

Currently I am stuck in the Aethon System after playing co-op with my friend and I cannot progress with the story which is at the Chernobog System.  Can someone fix this issue?

PSN ID: KhaosArms

Character name: Zaix

1 year 327 days ago
Hello I have experienced this glitch as well on chapter 2 after playing coop and then being kicked. No campaign missions for progression.

PSN Sneakychief117

Character name Sneakycheeks

2 years 34 days ago
Hello, I am stuck on ps5 in chapter 2 as well. Clearing out the remaining feral beasts. I was mid mission and was disconnected and now there is nowhere to go to finish the mission. Could I get that reset?


Character: Otto

2 years 48 days ago
Hi I am stuck on chapter two save thorn. Won't let me progress after finding the bio woman!

PSN = sneaps character = Wrathus


2 years 110 days ago
I see this has been fixed on my game. Thanks!
2 years 111 days ago

We could not find the bug on your character. Could you resolve it on your end?

2 years 111 days ago
I got this same bug on Xbox, though I got the achievement for finding Metrodora Thelema. I’m still stuck on the last part of the mission, even though I already completed it in multiplayer with three others who all got credit.

Xbox live account: OrexTheAmorous

Inquisitor name: OrexTheAmorous

2 years 111 days ago
Bug on starmap missing b button to back out of current system, chapter 2 saving caius thorn mission.  Xbox tag nucklbone.  Character kylana.
2 years 132 days ago
The issue got fixed, please check on your character.
2 years 132 days ago
I have encountered this bug today aswell when I reinstalled it.

PSN WeArrLegion 

Charactername Tezcatlipoca 

Would be nice if it could be fixed.

Maybe run a check on my other characters aswell.

Played some on ps4, then some more on pc, now trying on ps5. 

Runs a lot better now. So I want to have this as my inbetween games game XD

2 years 202 days ago
The issue got fixed, please check on your Assassin.
2 years 207 days ago
Same bug on Xbox. 

Account: FallbackBroom 

Character: Windy Shorts
2 years 249 days ago

Were you playing coop at the time you ran the "Find the Magos Biologis" missions? This sounds an awful lot like the same bug a bunch of us keep running in to over here

2 years 278 days ago
We could not reproduce this problem just yet. Could you please give the mission another try to check if you can proceed further on the second go?
2 years 283 days ago

I have a problem I bought the expansion prophecy and in the mission the "martyr" the door that has to be opened when canceling the security door does not open at all I need help with that I spent 20 euros on this dlc my user is riverogregory18 and my character is called TecNoctis

2 years 283 days ago
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2 years 315 days ago

The issue has been fixed please check your character's progress.

2 years 318 days ago
I've finished the quest 4/5 and at the end of the mission told me to go to one of the 3 locations to continue thing is the mission is the  third location I went to. 

PSN: Forsaken_Lucifer

Class: Assassin

2 years 322 days ago
All 3 characters' progress has been fixed just now. Thanks for your patience in the last few days!
2 years 324 days ago
I have the same now on my sniper assassin 

Username  D1zz1us

2 years 327 days ago
I am also having this problem.

My psn is The_Mandowarian

Character name is same as psn

2 years 327 days ago
Problem solved when I started a void mission?
2 years 327 days ago
Stuck chapter two hunt for the martyr
Character: assassin
Name l00kint0meeyes-2


And honestly, how can this still be an issue after over one year?

2 years 335 days ago
2 years 336 days ago

My friend on ps4 is very bug at this quest, anyone help for this?!

ps4 : mama182005 - name character : Mediora 

Hope you can help him? Thanks!!!! (:

2 years 338 days ago
I have this issue now as well.

Codewrite on PSN

3 years 96 days ago
The issue got fixed on our end please check on your character's progress when you've got some time.
3 years 103 days ago
I am also having this issue with my game 

platform ps4 

gamertag Fightingtoddler

3 years 130 days ago
Posted by Mardo 3 years 131 days ago

Found this thread as I'm having the same problem playing on PC. Pity, I was enjoying the game immensly. Player/character name mardavrio

False alarm, I figured out what I had did wrong. I hadn't seen the alternate menu for choosing missions etc. Wasn't obvious as other missions had been previously gave to me rather than using a new menu option to continue the campaign maps.

3 years 131 days ago

Found this thread as I'm having the same problem playing on PC. Pity, I was enjoying the game immensly. Player/character name mardavrio

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3 years 133 days ago
Im haveing the same bug gamertag THE ROGUE59