(PS4) Difficulty with targeting and pets.


Can we have some kind of option to stop the snap targeting for certain skills, like pet summoning. It's very annoying that my turrets keep dropping 'on' nearby mobs when I try to hold the button in and drop them at the spot the UI shows. Bosses with heavy AOE become a massive chore to fight since they can just wipe out everything as they all get summoned on top of them. Also, it forces my guy to run right into mobs, it's gotten me killed several times.

Also, side note, anyway to tell what a weapon does before I unlock it. I keep unlocking pet weapons and I"m not really sure what they do until I equip them and go look at the skills on the pet menu. On top of that, loading into a mission takes a long while, so it's very hard to tweak your pets and see how they perform (some type of simulation mode against dummies would be nice).

So far the ps4 version is pretty good. The servers suck, bad, and it often has very low fps, but at least it's fun and we can usually co-op. It's super silly I can't play the new class in the old campaign, as a companion.

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(PS4) Difficulty with targeting and pets.
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4 days ago
4 days ago
I will discuss the summoning problem with our console devs, thank you for your feedback!