PS4 dialogue audio issues


When playing and deployed on a mission, whether a main mission or other, any incoming transmissions from any characters gives me text but no audio, but still plays at a speed as though there should be audio. My player character responds with voiced dialogue, and when I'm on the Command Bridge I get full voiced dialogue from whoever I interact with. It's only on missions when I get an incoming transmission from someone where no audio plays for them.

I've tried deleting and reinstalling the game on my console (Playstation 4), but the problems still persists. Adjusting any in-game options doesn't seem to have an affect. Hope this information helps.

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PS4 dialogue audio issues
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3 years 174 days ago

Emperor Protects!

3 years 174 days ago
THANK YOU!!! I feel like an idiot. Thank you very much, that solved it.
3 years 174 days ago

*hold on PS button in game for sound options

3 years 174 days ago

add up sound for the speaker of the PS4 controller in playstation interface by taping PS button while game and choose sound options

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