PS4 Cross-Play with PC?



i'd like to play this great game with my wife.

As i can see, there's no local coop option on ps4

My newest idea, maybe you support cross-play?!

I already have VH 1+2+3 in Steam but no 2PC and no 2Consoles

I'd like to know if this will be somehow or sometime be possible - there is no sense from by perspective to buy a single player game twice.

On the other hand - i'd love to support the direction you're going (Action-Adventure, PS 4, PS pro - thumps!)



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PS4 Cross-Play with PC?
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7 years 141 days ago
I doubt crossplay is gonna happen. It would be nice if it did tho...
7 years 140 days ago
These are on different systems, so the crossplay is not possible. Unfortunately.