PS4 Chapter 2, Clues 4/5 bug


So.. I was doing the "Saving Caius Thorn" mission on PS4 where I have to find the Magus Biologis and I found him.. Now the clues remain at 4/5 and I can't progress anymore, can you fix this bug for me plz?

PSN acc: ArtyLufia

Character name: ArtyLufia

Allmost bought the season pass, happy I didn't with all these bugs -.- Maybe when you guys fix it and people can finally enjoy this game I will buy it but now it's the most buggy game I ever played.. :/ 

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PS4 Chapter 2, Clues 4/5 bug
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6 days ago

please check on your progress when you got some time. It should work now! Get back to us if the problem is still present!