PS4 campaign mission keeps appearing



I've finished all campaign (purple) missions. However, the Inquisitorial Fortress mission on Nereus III keeps appearing

I did it again yesterday and after completion it is back again. 

This happens with my lvl 82 Assassin. Haven't checked other characters yet as they haven't progressed far yet. 

Is this mission meant to be repeatable? 

See screenshot here (sry for the bad quality, I took a picture of te TV screen with my cellphone):


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PS4 campaign mission keeps appearing
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5 days ago

Hi Marcopolocs,

my PSN is Heruva (as opposed to my community account Heruceva), is that the information you need?

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8 days ago
No, it should not be like this. Campaign missions cannot be repeated so we will have to manually remove that mission from your account. Please do not bother with that, our devs will make this move ASAP!

Please let me know your account name. I could not identify your account just now.

12 days ago
Campaign missions are not supposed to be repeatable, at least as far as I know.

There are a lot of missions that are random generated, or the ones like the cathedral.. but this one isn"t.

12 days ago

i think its repeatable yea most missions are i think right? also are u on regular ps4? do u happen to know at what fps its running at?

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