[PS4 Asia] Not having all the released DLC as intended.


Hi would like to know whether is it a bug that none of the released DLCs are appearing in store for PS4 Asia clients to be downloaded?
I even bought the season pass.

Please see as per attached on the current releases we're having on PS4 Asia store, Malaysia and Singapore to be exact. 

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[PS4 Asia] Not having all the released DLC as intended.
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188 days ago

thanks for the screenshot! Our console publisher is working on the matter along with Sony, hopefully the DLCs will appear in the PS store within a short period of time. We would like to suggest you to refund the Season pass for the time being. You can do so by contacting our publisher at [email protected] and after the DLCs are out, you can get all the post-release ones for free through the pass!