Ps4 "angel of death" buggy trophy


I have the trophies "angel of death" which is buggy. The message "angel of death" appeared to me more than a hundred times but I still do not have the trophy. Normally 30 messages are enough.

Can you unlock this trophy?

My id psn: kinglebro

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Ps4 "angel of death" buggy trophy
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1 year 265 days ago
As we checked on it, the bonus does not work in coop so we will fix the issue (most likely with the next patch).
1 year 266 days ago

I got the message a hundred times with my 4 characters and I still do not have this trophy.

1 year 266 days ago

Have you found a solution for this buggy trophy?

1 year 272 days ago

Did you get the angel of death message when playing online (multiplayer) ?

If yes, it's probably another player who did it, you can see it but it doesn't count towards the trophy because YOU didn't do it.

I was getting it 4, 5 times a mission with my assassin and I got the trophy without any problem.

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1 year 273 days ago
I have the same issue.

Psn id: StAndresftw