PS 4 Season Pass


Hello everybody. there is a question) What does the Season pass give? like all dls should be free, but today I saw in the PS Store a new mission and it is not available for free (((I need to buy. Why then did I buy season pass?!

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PS 4 Season Pass
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3 years 33 days ago
Hello, I get the Charybdis outpost saturday on Xbox store, however I have still to find how to access the mission, no new POI on starmap, no notification, no priority assignment, could you please inform me on how to access the content.
3 years 33 days ago

The Charybdis Outpost DLC was intended as a pre-order bonus with specific retailers. Now that this timed-exclusive offer has ended, this DLC is available for individual purchase for everyone and is not part of the Season Pass. The first Season Pass content drop on consoles will be the Mind Plague DLC, arriving in early November. We will communicate a more detailed console roadmap this week. Apologies for the confusion this may have caused.

3 years 35 days ago
Omfg read the roaf map idiots.... hive mind is part of the season pass..... seasons are free updates ... pc has them already but we as console presents are 2 months behind and the console port dev team have 8 people ... please use ya bloody heads fed up of clearing this crap up formeveryone
3 years 36 days ago
I would also like to know exactly what we get in the Season Pass opposed to what is going to be free.