Prophecy should be included in Seasonpass PS4, why?



i really digg that Game but...

Seasonpass is a Joke. Why?

Payed 30 Bucks extra, what did i get?

* Small Missions okay

* 2 Helmets okayish

* Footprints okayish, dont klike it never use it, for me Crap, i see people like it somehow i dont. 

* Servitor pets, okay but, Commissar description:shouts order or whatnot, well he doesnt adn Pets would be way cooler if they could use there Guns. At least on Crusader Tactical, since Static Turret is total rubbish lategame. Gets destroyed insta and doesnt do any real Dmg!

* Tarot Cards, if i remeber correctly u can choose enemy Types, wow, CRAP. Why should i use that over Relic chance drop, and XP Boost... 

So Seasonpass is worth Jacksh.T in my oporinion which is more than around half the price of the Game... XD

Now there comes a Expansion withg a Badass(hopefully) New Class. a Shepard Class which is always Neat! 

Do WE GET IT? NOOOO, its another 25 Bucks... 

Plus im pretty sure that lots of people dont want faster Gameplay, i dont at least. This is WHY i BOUGHT THIS GAME! Dont want Epileptic fast Paced Gam,eplay, if so i play Diablo 3. This was a reason i bought this Game and now i got a Diablo Copy so to say... Slower paced is way cooler and fits kore perfectly with that Game i feel. I see that some peopz digg it, but I dont! 

AGAIN, Seasonpass is a Joke in my opinion, just for the Money none of real worth. At Least a New Class would have been more than RIGHT for that amount of Money. 

BUT NOO; i have to pay 25 Bucks agin, and that would give me the same amount for the whole Game, AGIN! 

Tech- Adept should be Included in Seasonpass and thats is the least for what we got so far. Take everything away and get me that Son of a ....


Performance on PS4, ohh weellll! 

Explosions, lots of Enemies, the Game handles ... Even alone sometimes

PLay with a Group, dont get me started, i love Psyker, but try my AoE Psyker with a Group and my Game runs like s....

ASnd now the Expansion is not included in the Seasonpass WOW Neocore come on!!!!!

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Prophecy should be included in Seasonpass PS4, why?
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