*UPDATE 2.1.1* Prophecy feedback - broken things i've found so far


Updates 2.1.1:

- "Offensor Bionics" Perk still not working! i'm even going so far to say it is contraproductive atm - with OB-perk kastelan phosphor gun did about 1000 dmg on same lvl intel mission, removing perk - next intel mission 2lvls higher (-20%dmg penalty) they did over 2000 dmg. ok it's maybe kinda difficult to tell bc of tarot cards and modifiers, but i did quite some intel missions with offensor bionic perk equipped and some without this perk. after the perk was disabled, the killspeed of my constructs felt much better!

- Unlocking Ancient Relics: Construct actions are still not being taken into account - no dmg, no kills, no debuffs, no dots

- Kastelan Bots lost about 1000-1500 HP after patch (even more on same lvl missions)

- Kastelan Bots feel squishy now - pre patch only bosses and a bunch of champions could bring one down (+10/11 void crusade missions!) - with 2.1.1 a bunch of trashmob gunners can melt their HP more or less quick (~25k)

EDIT: Kastelan Bots on same lvl missions feels really broken after the patch. they die as fast as one Psioli but they have 3x the HP.

so my 2 cents: nerfing Kastelans (maybe to encourage player to try other builds) so hard is the wrong approach. Kastelan Bots were fine pre patch. the right approach should be to bring other constructs up to their "efficency".

-  Galvanic Booster (1% HP/s regen) feels more like 0.5% - 1% HP from a fixed base value? are my +100% minion HP not taken into account maybe?   EDIT:  my Kastelans healing for about 35HP/s they need about 3s for 100HP :/

-  dupe glitch still working

- "-5% Cooldown reduction for skills using Data-Flux" from Support Tree not working - Psioli 4s - with -20% (4x5%passives) still 4s

- Heroic Deed "Cognis Protocol" not working - 5 turrets, no shots fired - no perk after the mission

- regarding turrets: 5 turret build is not viable or fun atm - takes ages to kill stuff - boltgun ok single-dmg, rockets mediocre, flamer & lasgun subpar dmg. all turrets lack AOE dmg - hint: in the last mission i saw an enemy turret firing cluster bombs (or rockets)


- "Offensor Bionics" Perk not working - 43% dmg increase should be clearly noticeable - tested against Skiitari Neurosync with 9 pets -> 18% more dmg was noticeable - my guess is that all reserve mechanic related perks and passives not working atm!

- Psioli Vivisectors have Kastelan Phosphor Guns according to UI, but in Construct setup they have actually Vivisector Chainsaws equipped - see here:  https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/781857270467389868/115F04AEB2578C89479BCB84E902F8404409FFE2/


- "Noospheric Targeting" Perk not working - no buff in buffbar, no dmg increase in char sheet

- "Sanctified Data-Wavers & Skitarii Neurosync" - no buff visible - is it still working or not?

- heroic deed "Hyperflux Parasite" not working

- Ordo reputation not working proper - only 1 rep instead the listed amount in summary

- reserve mechanic not working -no additional HP with "Reinforced Constructs" - 84% reserved should give ~ 17% more HP - or "Binaric Sacrament" should give 17% more dmg - or "X% of current reserve is converted in construct HP when summoned" can't see any HP increase

- "-X% Data-Flux costs" on gear not working

- "Inventory Full" message if you try to swap construct weapons after resetting a skill tree - had to do a relog to get it working again

- rerolling of some construct weapons not working sometimes - mats and credits are consumed, but value won't change

- constructs often "blocks" objectives where you have to press "F" - solution is to send pets away, walk away to and retry without any pets near the objective - see here: EDIT: looks like this bug: https://steamcommunity.com/app/527430/discussions/0/1642044369669675593/

more feedback:

plz give us more visible buffs as techpriest. i really like to see whats going on and if perks and passives kick in as intended.

more construct weapons would be awesome - like explosive AOE munition or something

can we recolor our constructs?

more tech priest weapons would be cool too - in VHFC the constructor had a nice (and strong) AOE-weapon at his disposal :) - maybe some grenade launcher?

your tooltip description is very confusing sometimes. like "+X% healing per sec" if some constructs are summoned^^ - all of them? only one?  - or "+5 for every active Kastelan robot" 5 of what!?  - or "+0.24 dmg bonus for constructs summoned from armor slot" shouldn't it be + 24% dmg or something?

reserved mechanic - my assumption is that "reserve" is the red part of my dataflux wheel, meaning the higher the red value, the higher the bonuses from reserved perks and passives, right?

the Crimson Wanderer is finally worthy ;)

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*UPDATE 2.1.1* Prophecy feedback - broken things i've found so far
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7 days ago
any news about "Offensive Bionics" and the reverse-mechanic?
11 days ago
yep all true nothing what neocore say fixed still not work and all construct nerfed still not show real dmg what have my construct when i use modules when i replace one construct to another i see base dmg 270 but replace and i see 201???? i use weapons and modules +25% dmg and i still see only base same dmg i dont know whyt dmg my construct have doing physical or heat or bleed ?? OMG Kastelan is total broken use electro aoe total out of enemy abilities total …… miss all  vivisec meele with max activation range sklil still stay behind me and nothing after patch is adept total unplayable and boring  dont know any info how buffaffected on costruct dmg etc 

11 days ago

One thing I hate now is the target snapping on controller. It's aweful and the biggest cause of death for ranged builds since if a target is behind a wall it forces the character to walk in the room to have a clear sight, when that happen you are either inside a massive amount of mob or in a mine field or simple exposed to a boss cannon.

It's even worse if you have card modifiers.

11 days ago

will your devs adress the Offensor Bionics-Perk plz?

almost 50% dmg increase is a big deal, you can't ingnore it^^

same goes for (self)healing perks and skills like Galvanic Booster - if my Kastelan has 25000 HP it should regen 250 HP/s and not about 35 HP/s - the data-flux self-repair skill should heal for 750 HP/s accordingly

and please ask your devs to check the whole reserve mechanic, i have the feeling it's (still) not working (proper)

give us more visual confirmation via visible buffs in the buff bar^^

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11 days ago
i think neocore needs help from diablo necro or doctor or Poe witch ahahah.

pets not affect any bonus from tech adept + %from crits dmg etc.

construct have total broken AI stuck at all things,shoot to walls meele with all skill range activated still stay back to me .

Kastelans electro aoe is 99% out from enemy  and when is Kastelan ranged this aoe hit enemy 1from 100 use hahaha

Kastelan flamer AOE ability end when enemy die .in fight Kastelan start cast aoe hits all enemy in range but when primary target die stop cast and when primary target die after 0,5sec  aoe ends total useless.

Crabs havent any chance survive any fight enemy attack and destroy this construct very fast .i have allskills in defend construct abilities and spec and crabshave epic and better module .in fight spwan crabs this shoots enemy focus adn crabs die :()

turrets very slow shooting sigle autocannon with all modules to boost ranged dmg and skil boost is useless rocket aoe have very very small AOE range and dmg is crazy.defense and turrets hp is for laugh.

tanks destroyer or vanguard with epic and better upgrades and modules uselles slow bad dmg die ultra fast in fight life per hit or kill is uselles for this construct same as hp regen this tanks is very very bad:(

and really i no need spawn 5 different construct when i need 25% dmg boost and i no need resummon this construct every i have cooldown i need few construct what i improve with modules skills weapons and maybe kastelan and other construct MK1-MK5 :)

upgrade to elite ?with resource from salvaging?or buy better armors engine weapons or craft it ? and vivisec without self destruct after resummon is die and i dont know how i change my build now maybe o stop play and wait year or 2 to repair this :(

11 days ago

My Kastelans still have the same HP tho, they indeed are squish, altho, it seems that Thermic Spike is working better (or should I said properly?) and the damage from flamers seem to be higher now.

I was wondering if it wouldn't be interesting to have in the main damage/defence trees a node related to constructs or make a few of them affect the constructs by a small percentage to try balance a bit more the fall off at higher levels/end game content.

And last but not least, a small doubt, does Debuff tree nodes affect the constructs damage? I mean, not the debuff they cause, but the ones we cause.

11 days ago
Posted by Poe 11 days ago
So finally got an ancient relic and... this is a joke?

You make a character that is based on killing and taking damage by pets while he is out of combat and the best items in the game need unlock by dealing damage, killing crits and taking damage only by the character without the pets???? How should I do that??? 

Also, this is after the 2.1.1 patch.

11 days ago
So finally got an ancient relic and... this is a joke?

You make a character that is based on killing and taking damage by pets while he is out of combat and the best items in the game need unlock by dealing damage, killing crits and taking damage only by the character without the pets???? How should I do that??? 

11 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 12 days ago
Grand Flux Parasite got fixed - patch needed

Tech-Adepts cannot unlock Unholy Cathedral as this is part of the Martyr campaign.

We will look into the Anomaly deed but could you please provide more information on the perk?

+Anomaly Interruptor not unlocking, stuck at 1 

Seamed to be my Mistake. Started Warzone missions yesterday and they count.

+Radical: zero effect on DataFlux even at Radical 300

Perk Description: 1% Class Resource regeneration per 3 Points on the radical morality axis.

I've got 300 Radical so it should double my regeneration. On equipment of that perk my base data flux regenartion on "paper" is 2, with and without the perk. Should be 4.

Equiped the perk, Started a game, used class resources. Regeneration ist still 2 per second.

+Tech-Adepts cannot unlock Unholy Cathedral as this is part of the Martyr campaign.

Thx for adding UC for tech adept with the last patch. XD

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11 days ago

Would you kindly find a way to let the Tech-adept to do every content of the base game ?

like a Diablo style   at least Adventure mode where everything is unlocked to enjoy regardless to class  " or something with much variety and better "

" I hope that  you will also bring same style of Diablo 3 story  when it comes to new classes. Allow them to start from the very be-gaining  so that  I can enjoy the whole story all over but with difference perspective of my new class " Well in Diablo it is all about the responses/chat lines of my new class " the NPCs/story/chat lines from their part do not change or rarely change " I could be wrong" only to point out something only related to my class.

11 days ago

-  Galvanic Booster (1% HP/s regen) feels more like 0.5% - 1% HP from a fixed base value? are my +100% minion HP not taken into account maybe?

This seems to be accurate. Making this scale from base HP instead of actual HP is just bad and turns one out of two psalms that are relevant to minion masters obsolet.

11 days ago
The modify , DOES work it just doesnt show the change , if you log out and back in , it change and will change when you modify again.

Problem is , if you modify and item BUT dont take it out of the modífy slot = you get bugged with not showing modify on other modules(not always) , log out and in to clear.

11 days ago
2.1.1 Update!
12 days ago
Grand Flux Parasite got fixed - patch needed

Tech-Adepts cannot unlock Unholy Cathedral as this is part of the Martyr campaign.

We will look into the Anomaly deed but could you please provide more information on the perk?

12 days ago

Uhm, am I the only one missing Unholy Cathedral for the Tech Adept?

Heroic Deeds:

Anomaly Interruptor not unlocking, stuck at 1

Grand Flux Parasiste: not unlocking, stuck at 1.35k


Radical: zero effect on DataFlux even at Radical 300

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13 days ago
All noted, thanks for the great list we will check these out right away!
13 days ago

The X% data-flux reduction cost on gear doesnt work, my psilois cost 19 with or without a 14% gear reduction cost

Also, the skill on defense tree that gives 1% hp regen to constructs its broken, my kataphron with 6k hp heals 31, and my kastelans with 8k heals 50.

The skill on offense tree that gives constructs a 20% damage when they are at 50% hp works only when the tech adept is below 50% hp

13 days ago

opening posting updated

14 days ago

"Necrotic Data Squirt" is actually showing up in the buff bar - but only when a pet is killed by an enemy.

it (sadly) does not work with "Self-destruct Wafer" skill - bug or intended?

14 days ago

another important issue:

dmg or kills from constructs do not count for unlocking ancient relics

14 days ago

sure :)

-  Noospheric Targeting  (indicates if i should stay behind a bit more)

-  Skitarii Neurosync & Might of the Legio (with number of total constructs if possible)

-  Synod of the Machine God (to check if all required constructs still alive)

-  Binaric Sacrament & Reinforced Construct (reserve bonus dmg & HP)

-  Necrotic Data Squirt (to check amount of stacks)

-  Offensor Bionics (to be sure it's working ;) )

maybe some perks from relic gear like the one from armor which gives +x% hp regen with some constructs summoned?


confusing tooltips i know for sure:

-  +5 for every active Kastelan robot  (relic enchantment on armor)

-  +0.24 dmg bonus to constructs summoned from armor slot  (relic enchantment on armor)

"reserved" means the amount of the red bar in the data-flux wheel, right? the higher the red value (in percentage) the higher the bonuses from reserved perks?

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14 days ago
We will check those issues which was not known by us and may work incorrectly, thanks for the details!

May we ask which perks and passive skills you would find to be useful if they would appear next to the skillbar?

More construct/weapon variety and the coloring is something we consider for the future! These descriptions will get corrected, can you mention all those which are lacking in any way? 

14 days ago

would you mind commenting some of my questions?

like some perks and passives working despite no icon in the buff bar (btw tech priest has no buff icons at all)