Proper "Van Helsing" soundtrack


Hello, guys from Neocore.

Bought "Humble Endless PRG Lands Bundle" with Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.

I like its gothic-noire set and was pleasantly surprised to see "Bonuses" as Soundtracks for I and II parts. Because music really brings into atmosphere of the game. Really nice instrumentals.

But I'm confused with some inaccurcies.

I compared soundtracks with your youtube's part I and part II . For second OST i have only 2 notes:

  • 11 Depths of Borgova (Humble Bundle track name) = 11 - Depths of Borgovia (Youtube track name)
  • 13 Cold Caves (HB) = 13 - Old Caves (YT)

But there is something strange with soundtrack for part I. All tracks are in alphabetical order, so i decided to compare them with YT order:


Arcane Forces
27 - Dark Path
04 - Markovna
Calm Evening
17 - Shadows
02 - Into The Woods
16 - The Factory
Feast of Gypsies
33 - Romany Camp 1 (Bonus)
Fierce Battle
03 - Action Theme 1
Fulmigati Himself
Heroes Have Been Just Born (05:52)
01 - The Incredible Adventures + ???
Incredible Adventures Ahead
07 - The Hunter
15 - The Lair
Perilous Grounds
12 - The Haunted Forest
Savage Landscape
23-24 - Before The Sun Goes Down
The Caravan Must Move On
35 - Romany Camp 3 (Bonus)
The Hunt
The Journey Begins
09 - You Are the Only Hope
Tricks And Auras
31 - Action Theme 2
Van Helsing Theme
06 - Lady Katarina
Water Purifier Plant
28 - The Water Supplier
Wild Countryside
10 - The Village


As you can see there are a lot of different names; 3 tracks i can't recognize; a few tracks are longer; 1 track consists of 2 or 3 tracks (Heroes...); tracks have different quality - Sampling rate 44.1\48 kHz, Bit depth 16\24 bits and there are still a lot of tracks left in comparison with YT playlist. 

P.S. Also little mistake -

Could you fix this, please?

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Proper "Van Helsing" soundtrack
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