Problems with seasonal event and rewards from tier progress


On Friday I used the messaging system and asked Marco for help completing the Tier 1 task of "Sacred Duty" for my seasonal character.  I had progressed well passed level 20 but was not given credit for finishing the task, thus leaving Tier 1 uncompleted.  Marco was quick to assist me by manually completing the task and I confirmed that it was now visually showing that all my Tasks, and Tier 1, were showing to be completed.  

It wasnt till some time later that I realized that I should have received a few rewards for finishing Tier 1.  Unless these rewards come at the end of the week or I need to do something further, as far as I can tell the only thing that I have been granted is the additional 4% increase to the seasonal buff.

Its not a major deal but Id be lying if I didnt want those shinies.  I figure, sometimes some things are so easy to fix but we just never ask... so why not ask?

Thanks in advance.

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Problems with seasonal event and rewards from tier progress
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2 years 22 days ago
I am familiar with the pedestal on the command bridge, the problem is that I do not have the skull to place in the pedestal that I should have received from completing Tier 1.  Nor did I receive the 10% store discount, 50 fate, the inferno shard, 5 favor, or the 3 epsylon caches.  But you know, I got that 4% seasonal buff increase... so I got that going for me.
2 years 22 days ago

On the command bridge, if you walk down away from the trader you see in the bottom right a new pedestal, click it and that's where you can select the skulls.

they are shiny, too bad you'll almost never see them unlike everything else on teh bridge as you have to deliberately walk away from anything useful to see them.