Problem with graphics


Hello, I would like to point out one problem that happened to me. Screen attached. This happens only on the Captain's bridge. I would also like to say that during the game there are micro lags (twitching) while walking. Sometimes the game fully lags. The video is available, but it does not work here. I play on the Xbox one x. Please forgive me for my English) I just want to help in the development of the project.

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Problem with graphics
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1 year 48 days ago
Please share gifs and footages with us at [email protected] Thank you very much for the provided information we will check this out! 

Our console team is constantly analysing the lags and fps drops and make improvements to get rid of these issues! Every patch coming out addresses this!

1 year 49 days ago

1) This happens after completing the mission.

2) No, there was no disconnection

3) Played solo

4) Yes, I use pet

I also have material about the new bug. Where can I send information about this? GIF and MP4 cannot be attached here. And I would like to know if there will be a solution to the microlag problem? Material on this subject is also available.

1 year 49 days ago

thank you for the valuable screenshot.
Could you please tell us the following:
- when you launch the game and log in with a character you immediately end up on the command bridge with this problem?
- did you get a disconnection before the issue?
- were you playing in solo or multiplayer prior to that?
- are you using pets?
We look forward to your reply!