Probably old news - new to me


So, when it comes to Alpha type games, I love trying to find ways to "break the game."  I noticed if I equip certain armors or weapons onto my character, a red code will appear.  Its took quick for me to get a screen shot unfortunately.  

Anyway, what happens is the items that I equipped, disappear when I enter the map.  Almost like the weapon or armor was not meant for that class.  If that is so, I think the devs need to code in a stop procedure.  That way don't equip the wrong items.  If so, you have to either drop the mission, or fight with an alt weapon.  

I'm sure alot of this is old news to the rest of the alpha community.  I just didn't see a comment about it.



P.S.  So far, the game is coming along nicely.

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Probably old news - new to me
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5 years 335 days ago


You will want to check the bug-tracker :)