Priority Assignment reset issue?


As far as I know, Priority Assignment reset occuers every 24h after completing the last assignment. Could you please check if there is an issue with it? I observed a strange behaviour regarding this. I did the last assigment on Monday around 4 pm. Next day (Tuesday), my available assignment count was still 0 at 8 pm, more than 24 hours later. On Wednesday at 8pm, I had 1 assigment. I did it, and immediately after, I got 1 available assignment again. I thought this to be a coincidence. However, this (getting one assigment immediately after completing one) happened 2 more times after this, so it is not a coincidence. It seems the number of available assignments get "stuck" somehow, and sometimes a new assignment wont be available unless you complete the previous one, so assignments dont stack up till 3 for some reason.

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Priority Assignment reset issue?
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3 years 69 days ago
That particular bug has been present for a long, long time.  Ironically I did not realise that a logging in again fixed it, I just kind of ran with it.
3 years 70 days ago
Thanks, this works. So, Assignments are not refreshed when you login for the first time since their reset, you have to login again to see them. Maybe this is something the developers can start on.
3 years 70 days ago
Had similar issue, but relogin resolved it. So after relogin you get your assignments :)

3 years 70 days ago
Additional info: I completed all available assignments on monday, haven't played (logged in) since. Now, on thursday, still 0 assignments.
3 years 73 days ago
This sounds more like a backend  lag issue, than a bug. We haven't experienced the problem on our end but we will run some tests to observe this! Thanks for the report!