Primary enchantment changed to secondary enchantment


I re-rolled a primary enchantment on a lvl 68 Archeotec Relic Main Implant. It changed to "damage bonus for {skill}" (I don't know the exact term anymore, but it said {skill} ecaxtly that way) I re-rolled it again to get rid of the "buggy one" and now the enchantment is a secondary one instead of a primary one. It sits right under the relic enchant and under it are 3 primary enchantments. So it's the wrong spot for it too. I'm little upset that I lost the primary enchantment because I wanted to use the item, since I like the relic enchant and it has a lot of primary ones. I even think it was in a Beta Pack I bought. 

Is there anything the support team can doto fix that since the characters are sitting on the game servers? 

Sorry if my post is hatd to understand. English is not my primary language

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Primary enchantment changed to secondary enchantment
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1 year 66 days ago
yup it mess up , i have told them many times about it, but they don't seem to understand,

 the ehmament should not change