Powerlvl 692 not being able to complete "Through Fire and Flames"(560) Quest


Seriously, I have no idea what to do anymore. I grinded. I improved my equip. I watched youtube-guides. But I simply can't keep this other inquisitor alive. This idiot jumps into every fucking group of enemies and gets himself one premium ass whooping. No matter where I plant those whatsoever useless mines or turrets, no matter how quick I try to kill all those enemies by myself, this fucker just won't stay alive. Is this some kind of emo inquisitor? Seriously, I have been looking forward to play this game in my summer vacation, I have been in early access, but this guy kills the game for me. Am I supposed to build some op psyker just to be able to finish this story mission? Come on, you can't be serious! And while at bein all salty, what about general chat? What about being able to ask someone to help me with this piece of garbage mission? Oh, I am sorry... Campaign doesn't allow multiplayer and general chat has been disabled because of unknown reason. Honestly, this was the last time that I bought a game whilst in development. 

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3 years 347 days ago
Thank you!

Sometimes complex problems need simple solutions and obviously I have been to stupid to see the obvious. 

Without your help I wouldn't have managed to get by this quest. Thanks again. :)

3 years 353 days ago
Easy Way to solve that: fight at the door and no enemy will ever get to him.