Power rating doing random moves.


Hello guys,

So I wanted to report a feature that appears to be a lot buggy to me.
I don't know if there is a power rating cap, I think it would be 1500, but I'm at 1505.
When using fusion system, you can charge relics up to 100% power.
Sometimes you get to 100% which means 120 PR for most accessories, 180 for armor and 360 for 2h weaps.
But it appears than even when you reach 100% you sometimes get a little bit lower value. and sometimes you get 1 or 2 extra PR.
And then, it appears that if you got an item with some extra PR, one of the item you had at 100%, may loose these extra PR.
I'll explain :
I get my 2H weap to 360. great ! I get my Signum to 120, but get 121 or 122. I do the same on other stuff, I'll get 121 also.
A few missions later, I take a look at my weap, and oh ! it's down to 357 cause I have a 122 and 121 PR items equiped.
So I get it back to 360. and still have the 122 and 121, and the weap stays again at 360.

I've seen this a couple of times grinding my gear up. Now I'm stuck at 1505 having 5 items at 121 PR. and all relics charged at 100%.
I don't know if it's normal that relics "discharge" sometimes and you have to recharge them again, but it appears that once it was discharged, if you recharge, they'll never discharge again.

So I ended up thinking it was a bug and wanted to submit it here.

Thanks for reading, hope it wasn't too messy, I'm busy purging heretics while typing all this.

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Power rating doing random moves.
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5 years 319 days ago
Mighty Snakefist can confirm unusual changes in PL. He has unnatural 1618, and game converts it to 1498 (that's all relics, upgraded, not intended to gloat). Weird thing is that SAME items were giving 1500, which is nice and round figure - and by some wonder, probably just equip/unequip it become 1498 and sometimes is 1502 and so on... 

In any case, 1500+ can be achieved with non-upgraded relics or some good purples and some people have +2 or +3 (and game should probably just cut off anything over 1500...
5 years 319 days ago
Would be great indeed, cause the actual system can be a pain... rerolling is highly expensive, and getting max stat OR the stats you want can be sometime a huge pain.

And the actual craft system is somekind of useless atm. Except for fusion, I've never used it to craft something... while having it maxed...
I also wonder why is there a level, I'm at 50% of level 24, all tech unlocked. So I'm not at the max of the level, but how do you increase this level once you've unlocked all the techs ?

5 years 320 days ago

From personal experience it has to do with the actual rolls on the item.

As an example lets say you fully charge a 2h to 360.

Rolls are:

6% crit

12% crit strength

6.2% Ranged Damage

Since the cap on ranged damage is 8% you might lose a point, however if you reroll it to 8% (or something else close to cap) you might actually get an item with a higher than normal number. 

It's weird and probably a bug, perhaps they could finally add the use of advanced materials like the description of Enhance Item (on the tech tree) says and give a way to max out a lower value (so you finally roll crit on something but it rolled low, sacrificing materials to increase the low roll to a higher roll of the same time would be ideal).