possible chat improvements


I have a few issues with chat personally, don't know if it's wider spread, but I would love to see a few options for us.

Firstly I personally feel like some of the colours are unreadable on certain backgrounds, like cabal green on some planets and some infested gloops and I find myself rotating the camera like a maniac to be able to read something someone posted. It would be awesome to be able to choose colours and maybe even be able to set opacity of the chatbox background.

Secondly I would love to be able to have optional timestamps to the messages as they are loaded from the server and I don't know whether a message is 5 minutes, or 5 hours old and whether to react to it...

That is pretty much all I can think of right now.


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possible chat improvements
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6 years 307 days ago

I agree, and would add that auto-scroll when new message arrives is really irritating, if you want to read something.

Some other games can 'enlarge' chat window (well, if this is needed, player isn't probably not in the heat of the battle), there could be a background of some kind, timestamps and no auto-scroll.

Also, when chatting to 2 or more friends, you have to go to friends menu and reselect one you want to talk etc. 

Steam has tabbed chat, and Inquisitor could as well. Nowhere is written in stone that chat needs to be like it is now (I understand this is a placeholder, so those are suggestions for UI revamp)

6 years 306 days ago
We will have a brand new chat with a lot of functions. Soon! :)