Poorly positioned Gun turret


Came across a gun turret I could not get past to get my loot! Even after I blew it up.

That was the crate with a Mk2 Purple Boltgun in, im sure of it! :)

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Poorly positioned Gun turret
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7 years 39 days ago

Had the same kind of problem on a planet surface mission, the chest stood behind a turret in a way that there was no possible route to it, char tried to walk there and stood one pixel away from the position he would be able to open it from

after achivieng the mission objective the destroyed turret disappeared and i was able to get to the chest

this also happens from time to time without involved chests, the turrets spawn at a position where there is no possible way to get behind them, logically the one using the turret wouldn't even be able to get behind it