Poor pathing due to Line of sight in level design


View the screenshot. Before I wiped out the pack of 20 mobs, I couldn't see any of them to target because the floor above me obscured the entire area.

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Poor pathing due to Line of sight in level design
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7 years 73 days ago
I think that nevertheles of the camera rotate stuff, this was a bug, as grenades fell through these railings as well - until now. Will be fixed in the next update.
7 years 74 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Thank you for that tip, I was not aware I could rotate the camera. I guess I was never in a situation where it would be necessary until yesterday. I still think there is some wonky pathing, but I'll research the camera movement after work.

7 years 74 days ago

Hope this doesn't come across condescending but you are aware we can rotate the camera? 

Have noticed some things on the map could do with being removed though like the chandelieres that just sit there in your vision