Point on Cabal missions after Rank 10?


Does completing cabal missions provide any bonus or rewards? Whats exactly the point on completing the cabal missions once its rank 10? -If there is none after rank 10, it would be nice to add something to it.

Thx in advance.

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Point on Cabal missions after Rank 10?
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190 days ago
A full re-work of the Cabal objectives and Cabal Tech tree is planned but before that Co-Op Void Crusade will be the main thing!:)
190 days ago

improved loot at the end of the week depending on the number of Cabal quests completed.

special Cabal missions on the starmap to improve the quality of the weekly Cabal reward.

Leaderboard of Cabals and possibility to increase the level of cabal to 100, but does not give skill points for cabal after 10th level.

slight increase in the quality of the weekly cabal reward depending on the level of cabal ([cabal level] * [0.5% quality] for example)

it would be nice :)

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