Please update Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor with some basic next-gen support.


I have bought Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr and Prophecy on PC and PlayStation. Since my PC is not powerful enough, I have been playing this game on PS4 Pro. Later on, I bought a PS5. Next gen consoles might be powerful enought to handle this game on 2K/4K @60fps please make a small patch to unlock these values after testing it a little more.

This game is very nice, I would love for a proper PS5 upgrade but I can also understand that, you guys won't have any extra profit for doing so. So, at least provide some basic support for PS5 without any fancy stuff.

Thank you for this game and thank you for your support

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206 days ago
They need to at least add 60fps support and some kind of antialiasing. It probably shouldn't be too hard to patch in considering the code is already done for the pc version, a simple patch  ould add those in to even the ps4 version of the game and let us toggle it on or off. The ps5 is fully capable of handling this game with those two options and it would make such a difference. After playing the ascent, it's hard to play warhammer cause  visually its hard on the eyes. But on pc it looks 100x better simply because it's not locked to 30fps and no AA..

And for the love of God don't ever add  chromatic aberration or film grain. Those two effect should be outlawed and come with stiff criminal fines and jail time.. 

315 days ago
This might get realized in the coming period but for now I cannot confirm anything. Please closely follow our news, you will might find what you are looking for.