Please allow complete keybind changing


I use a specialized keyboard due to RSI (an ergodox). I could rebind the move keys to WASD, but due to the layout of my keyboard, that's not optimal. It works much better with an ESDF control scheme instead. However, the game will not allow me to rebind the F key. It seems like such a simple thing to get upset about, but it should equally be a simple thing to fix, no? This is a minor quality of life problem, but it is significantly affecting my ability to enjoy the game. I am basically forced to only use the mouse for movement, which leads to some issues while using ranged weapons. 

Please remedy this by allowing all functions to be rebound to keys of the player's choosing.

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Please allow complete keybind changing
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6 years 313 days ago

I am gonna throw my 2 cents in here since it seemed redundant to start a new thread:

Would it be possible to get class and/or character spesific layouts? The obvious reason is one does not dodge as much as crusader compared to assassin, so would be nice to have other stuff bound to those keys.

In regards to the F key, I sympathize with OP but I cannot say I share the need. Also remember you can alt+key to apply allot of function on few keys.

(I have clocked over 7000hours in dota 2 so I have tested keybindings a fair amount.)

6 years 313 days ago

I'm trying really hard to understand the logic here. What benefit is had by locking the F key from being rebound?

I could totally understand "we're too busy right now with other things" but why was this chosen? Especially when every other key can be remapped. This isn't just an issue for people with weird keyboards, but left handed players as well.

6 years 313 days ago
Some keys won't be able to be rebound due to game design reasons and choices, but we are tying to free up much of the keyboard to be available for keybindings :)