Playing the current build with notebook SLI


I have a Lenovo Y510P (i7-4700HQ, 8Gb DDR3-1600, Nvidia GT755 SLI two vga setup), which i carry with myself when i go to work. During nightshifts i usually have plenty of time when i could bug-test the game, but didnt install it on the notebook yet since the game is not really optimized yet. 

The question is: Should i bother with installing the game, will it have playable framerates even if i have to crank down the graphics to the ground?

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Playing the current build with notebook SLI
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7 years 94 days ago
I would give it a go.

Peformance will only improve over time as the game gets optimised further

7 years 97 days ago

List of benchmarks.

You could probably play on medium on a lower resolution but probably not very well.