Players playing tank



A few days ago a player told me about a problem with his character.

He has a crusader with a shield and a weapon. In his cabal he wanted to play a tank. (all in defense and health) to play in a group.Unfortunately he feels unhelpful because his character does not damage and can never have "aggro" because there is nothing planned for that.

FYI, aggro means catching enemies' attention so other players can hit them.Would it be possible to include in some equipment characteristics that increase aggro? Of course, do not put aggro in any equipment. :)

Thank you

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Players playing tank
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5 years 175 days ago
Thank you
5 years 175 days ago
He can aggro enemies and can stay alive by using Deflect builds. Once he catches the focus of the enemies, his fellows can clear the area faster.

I would suggest a couple of perks like the Burnished Weaponry along with the Feint Mastery (which provides a great deal of damage so he doesn't have to be on the passive during the combat) and maybe Crisis Management which lessen the suffered damage by 40% if your HP is less than half. Naturally there are more perks suitable for such a build apart from the mentioned ones so others may prove to be more useful to you.
I also suggest to put points on the Defense tree as well as points on the Warfare attributes. Using the Hit points skill tree can be a good option too!
Hope this will help. You can find other builds on our Steam forum or ask around on our Discord channel for more!