Player types and satisfaction (vid)


Hello guys and gals. It's your friendly neighbourhood heretic here. Hydra!

This is a "little" talk on what I think Martyr offers for the different player types within the game thus far. Obviously there's more content coming in the near future but as always I hope this stimulates people to talk about the game and what they like or dislike from their own personal perspectives. 

Keep up the great work guys!

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Player types and satisfaction (vid)
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6 years 272 days ago

Another great video. I am a both collector and killer. However i disagree that killers are always PVP players. I get more enjoyment from killing longish boss fights and huge mob kills in PVE. You also did not touch on Solo or Group player types. I also love the top down view of ARPG and graphic WoW's are also a big thing for me. WH40 I:M to me has everything i love about a game to play for ever.

I only thing i am not enjoying the leveling system but hopefully that is changing. Just find it not consistant enough. Many times i have to wait for the 'dally quest' to come up to want to play(level), do that log off until the next day.