Pict-Recording/Video Log hints play only video, no audio!



The very first video/pict-recording for the "Chaos Undivided"-arc, mission name "The Enemy Below", is only playing video, no audio outside of the general game's ambient music.

Reading the journal entry afterwards clearly suggests that this video clue should have included audio as well, referencing the three traitors talking about a plan, etc.

Encountered Behaviour:

All video hints/pic-recodings only play video, no audio at all.

Expected Behaviour:

Video hints/pict-recordings should play both video and audio where applicable.


100%, happens with every instance so far, Relog does not help.


Not gamebreaking, but still major loss of information, immersion, story context.

No additional codecs are required, running Win 10 Professional, not N.

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Pict-Recording/Video Log hints play only video, no audio!
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2 years 57 days ago

I have also long since created a listing in the Bug Tracker applet, also hasn't been assigned to anyone yet either:


2 years 57 days ago
Would be nice, dear devs, to at least get a "Bug report seen, we're aware of it" or something... this is a major bug for singleplayer, preventing us from learning crucial bits of the story.

It's a real disappointment to see this not being addressed at all, and to then have to read numerous entries of "Fixed typo" in the patch notes.

2 years 61 days ago
I had this same bug in the same mission.
2 years 63 days ago


When the story sends us back to the Martyr for the second time, i.e. the mission directly following having retrieved and used Uther's Tarot, the Inquisior receives a vision after having cleared the landing zone and continuing to explore the ship.

The first instance, receiving the vision in full screen video, did play audio as expected.

However, when reviewing that very same vision from within the Journal, i.e. seeing it in that video frame and not having it played back fullscreen, there is no audio at all!


It's the small, framed version of video playback, the picture in picture variant, see screenshot below, that is bugged and never plays audio with any video viewed this way!