Persistent broken Items/Enchants


The loss of Enchants on reroll all Enchantments is still persistent, but it seems to be only on certain items. I dont have the currency or the mood to test it out and waste tons of currency, but i can show you some of my previous screenshots of the problem.

after reroll loosing one Enchant, every time, at the beginning it was a 6 Enchants Item.

This happend to me even after the January bug fix that said it fixed it :

"Fixed an issue where the "Reroll all enchantments" feature sometimes removed enchants from items"


Those problems i just easily replicated in the last 10 minutes again, and i have been reporting them for months now.

Completely broken Relics/Archeotech Items with 3 total Enchants

Or Green Items with Archeotech Relic enhanced Skills.


Outside of the Ordos shop, item drops are also broken, with 3 Enchants. So its not an Ordos shop exclusive problem.


since i cant upload video here, screenshots

Persistent crafting bug that gives you every time a broken 3 Enchant Item. Which wastes tons of currency and Blueprints...

Really hoping someone at Neocore can see it this time.

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Persistent broken Items/Enchants
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11 days ago

Enchant loss is really painful, especially considering the fact that we players usually only use that feature when we feel it's good enough and plan to invest more.....

Then, poof!It is trash now.

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12 days ago

@Neocore pls fix that issue