Perk Suggestion


You should get 1 Perk Slot for every 10 Levels. So at Level 100 you should have 10 Perk Slots. Level 50 is now max on Console so the max Perk Slots are 5. Each Addon should increase the Level Cap by 10 and the Perk Slot by 1.

Here an Example for Perk Changes:


Critical Fighter: + 25% Critical Hit Chance

Warrior:  You Deal +25% Damage

Combat Drugster: +100% Duration for Yellow Innoculator Effects

Swift Fighter: -50% Cooldown for Melee Skills

Swift Gunner: -50% Cooldown for Ranged Skills

Cruel Fighter: + 100% Critical Damage

Grenadier Pack Rat: + 100% more Grenades, Enemies can Drop Grenade Supplies

Punisher: +100% Debuff Duration on Enemies

Charger: +100% Movement Speed for 5 Seconds after a Melee Hit

Berserker: If you are below 40% Health you deal 100% more Damage


Master Dodger: +25% to Evade Attacks

Herold: You suffer 25% less Damage

Master Medic: +100% Duration for Red Innoculator Effects

Swift Jumper: -50% Assault Armor Cooldown and -50% Cost

Swift Artillerist: - 50% Demolition Armor Skill Cooldown and – 50% Cost

Bullwark: + 100% Health

Energy Shield Pack Rat: + 100% More Energy Shields, Enemies can drop Energy Shield Supplies

Relentless: - 50% Debuff Duration from Enemies

Gun & Run: + 100% Movement Speed for 5 Seconds after a Ranged Hit

Survivor: If you are below 40% Health you suffer 50% less Damage

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Perk Suggestion
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1 year 284 days ago

thank you for the amazing summarizing!
I will forward this to our higher-ups who will consider whether these perks can be implemented into the game later on!