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rapid elimination protocols not working properly

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Perk - Rapid Elimination Protocol
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1 year 36 days ago
Unfortunately the next patch will take a couple more weeks.
1 year 37 days ago

It would be helpful to know when it's supposed to be fixed, cause since I personally have played and am only interested in playing a sniper in this game, I should consider whether to take a break and wait for the fix in a couple of weeks or play a virtually "limped" character and hope for a fix in the next few days. I hope an estimate is possible, I hope fixing stuff in this game is not that hard...

1 year 40 days ago
We will fix it, thank you guys!
1 year 41 days ago
This bug definitely occurred after the latest patch.
1 year 41 days ago

I personally noticed this since the last patch. I also tried all sorts of sniper rifles, including regular, longlas, needler, exitus and all behave the same. At some point, give or take a couple of kills, they all fail to reset the aimed shot, even if all your shots are kills. (I mean oneshots).

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1 year 41 days ago
Did you notice this since the latest patch or it wasn't working even before that?
1 year 41 days ago
I can confirm, been playing a sniper for the past few days, it worked just fine all the time, after last update it suddenly started feeling a bit off, then I rechecked in lower level missions and it sometimes it simply does not trigger, sniper skill goes into cooldown. I can certainly affirm that it worked before the patch and it is bugged now.
1 year 42 days ago

strange that always worked for me. are you using the 3rd weapon skill? its called "Sniper shot" or "Aimed Shot" skill if I remember correctly. if so are you holding down the button for more powerful shots? 

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1 year 42 days ago
I can confirm this. It feels like at least half of the kills dont trigger the "cooldown-reset-for-sniper-skills".

Guess i have to stop playing/leveling my "one-shot-girl" for a few weeks. :(