[PC] Unable to remove Volatile Output from Heat Attack tree


Ive used 4 or 5 Mind Resets removing Volatile Output from the Heat Attack skill tree and it automatically puts a passive point back into it. Even with no skill points available it puts a point back into it. Right now I have -1 passive skill points available. Ive wasted 3 or 4 Mind Resets messing with it, so that is annoying too. Please fix

[Update] I was able to remove it by quitting out of the game withh all skill points removed from tree. But it did not return the -5% crit chance to my character. This needs to be fixed asap please. Im trying out different builds and this has effectively put an end to it. Is it going to remove another -5% crit chance if I select it again?!


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[PC] Unable to remove Volatile Output from Heat Attack tree
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2 years 203 days ago
Thanks for the report, we are working on this issue already, expect a fix soon!