[PC] Season of the Warp Surge at a glance


After what has been a pretty eventful couple of weeks, Season of the Warp Surge has come to an end. We're extremely happy to say that this has been Inquisitor's most popular seasonal ladder so far - but we're not stopping yet!

Before we head on over to the next one, though, let's take a look at what you achieved during the season - in the name of the Emperor, of course.


First off, overall nearly 140,000 seasonal characters have been created to conquer the threat of the Warp. That's basically the entire population of a smaller country! (By the way, we checked - Kiribati, a country in Oceania has a population of 120,000, so if you want to see for yourself approximately how many people that is, just book yourself an island vacation!)

Crusaders topped the charts by a fair amount, amounting to over 52,000 characters, thus more than doubling the number of Psykers. Guess we should just let Psykers one-shot heretics in the next season then? These characters were created by more than 86,000 players, meaning that every other person who participated in Warp Surge has created two characters, with a few exceptions here and there. The Emperor is pleased with your dedication.

What's even more interesting is that the total playtime on these characters was over 178 years - if you were the most dedicated servant of the Emperor and wanted to play this much by yourself, you would've had to start playing in 1843, and not spend any minute away from the game. Have fun inventing modern computers first, though!

Over these several dozen years of playtime, you have managed to get rid of 1,956,385,750 heretics, or about 14,000 enemies for each character. That's a lot of blood on your hands, do you want to talk about it? These kills and mission completions rewarded you with over 741 billion Caligari Credits - if we assumed that one Credit was identical to a US Dollar, you could buy two International Space Stations, or 371 B2 bombers. Mo' money, mo'... bombers?

These results don't come without sacrifices though. Nearly 1.5 million fatal injuries have been suffered by Inquisitors on duty, meaning that servitors were busy picking up your pieces for each 1309 heretic you purged. A worth sacrifice, anyways.

The Emperor thanks you all for your service, Inquisitors. You served him well over these 7.2 million missions you have completed during the Season of the Warp Surge. Now, for that well-deserved rest…

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[PC] Season of the Warp Surge at a glance
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2 years 358 days ago

We will reveal the exact date within days. :)

2 years 359 days ago
We don't need no rest. As true servants of the Emperor, we are dying to get back into battle, so we can live to serve the Empire! When is the next season coming? My mechanicus-augmented trigger fingers are itching.
2 years 359 days ago
Kiribati would be nice base for the Inquisition.
2 years 359 days ago
Ask not what the Imperium can do for you. Ask what you can do for the Imperium! The Emperor Protects.
2 years 359 days ago

178 years for 138878 characters?

That would be roughly 11 hours for each character, on the average.

The Imperium expects more!