[PC] Announcing Season of Empyrean Echoes



We are happy to announce that Inquisitor's 4th Season will arrive to PC on the 8th of December.

The Season of Empyrean Echoes is here. Deadly enemies of past eras have been resurrected by the Warp and vomited back into Realspace, bringing a new reign of terror and havoc to the Imperium. Hunt down these Revenants and Empyrean Elites with extreme prejudice and send them back into the Sea of Souls where they belong. Then embark on a Crusade in the Void and reap your well-deserved rewards.

The theme of our newest Season revolves around the flow of time. Players can encounter various enemies that lived and fought in the past but returned by the Warp as 'Echoes'. Some of these may even be enemies that the players themselves previously killed.

New buffs and spells, challenging quests and exciting rewards await you once again. Fight your way up the ladder, collect your rewards and etch your name into the walls of Season 4's Hall of Heroes.

The Emperor Protects.

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[PC] Announcing Season of Empyrean Echoes
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2 years 187 days ago
Noted, we will look into this. 
2 years 187 days ago
The purported changes to the 'Kill all enemies' type missions does not seem to do anything. I just spent 5 minutes on one of the open maps hunting for the last 2 enemy to kill.  Very tedious and boring.  

Ditto on a corridor map - had to retrace my steps to find one enemy in a small side corridor - yawn.
2 years 190 days ago
And when it comes to Content of Seasons so far, they are and have actually been to the extent that you can call them different,and interesting, which is a good thing. Can get better even I think, but you know what I mean.

The thing I have to say though, and this is very serious and obvious after already 3 Seasons now. The CHALLENGES in the different Tiers IS IN NEED of Changing. Atleast HALF of all the Challenges needs to be changed to be different, for every each NEW Season.

Extremely few of the Challenges have actually changed through the Seasons up till now, and it needs to change. I´m getting tired of doing the same Challenges over and over and over again for every NEW Season.

I want new fresh Tier Challenges. It is as simple as that. We are in need of it.

2 years 193 days ago

Wow, that's quicker than expected. Hope this season would grant us some fancy gears.

So does that mean I might need to kill my dear student Klosterheim once more....This time with more droppings LOL

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2 years 193 days ago
Players can encounter various enemies that lived and fought in the past but returned by the Warp as  Echoes .

Well, that should mean that new Enemies/Mobs should be introduced. No? Am I not right? Yes?

2 years 193 days ago

And having a loaded bolter never hurt either