[PC] Content Update for Inquisitor - Patch v2.4.2 | October 4


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr will be released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Patch v2.4.2

New event: Unexpected Revolt


We have received news of a large-scale rebellion on Marsonia-III. The planet is a significant industrial center in the subsector and the rebels have severely decreased its production levels. This would normally not warrant our attention but there is a worrisome circumstance. A throne agent has recently begun an investigation on the planet and we've had no reports from him in a while. He has gone dark right around the start of the uprising. The implications are troubling. Locate Inquisitor Houlikos and find out what happened!

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Fixed an issue where if Construct weapons were upgraded above level 100, the weapons could grey out and did not grant damage bonus any longer
  • Fixed the Main Implant of Wrath's relic enchant '+X to the maximum of Enraged tokens' which did not work in Co-Op
  • Fixed an issue where an item enchant called 'Welcome to the Season of the Inferno' could roll onto items
  • Fixed various typos as well as strings
  • Corrected the description of the tooltip of the Movement Skill Tree's Quickening skill which falsely displayed +20% movement boost instead of +15%
  • Fixed an issue in Warzone Stage 3 Mission 9, where the object teleported the player into the hidden room but immediately teleported them out too
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[PC] Content Update for Inquisitor - Patch v2.4.2 | October 4
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2 years 228 days ago
I shall and will be keeping my eyes open, for news coming uip.
2 years 229 days ago
Brother Kundari
You desire more spectacular things? Just follow the news on the next few weeks, we hope the things coming will be spectacular enough for you. :3
2 years 230 days ago
A nice little event, which is nice to have in-between to go to play on. Nothing spectacular, but ok.

Will it lead to what I would find awesome and great? Nope. But if it did, I would actually gladly pay for it. Yes, and that means real money.

2 years 230 days ago
No, this is still a thing in Inquisitor. We will try to fix it by the release of our next update.
2 years 230 days ago
This bug appeared with patch v2.4.2. We will fix it in our next update. Sorry for the troubles.
2 years 230 days ago
This is weird. We haven't experienced anything like this nor other new players reported it. 

Please verify the game once again, something one verifying does nothing and two is needed. Let us know if this did not help!

2 years 232 days ago
Anybody know why this patch doesn't fix files missing from the game that are specific storyline missions? Did a verify, says it found one file missing, and won't add it, nor search it and replace it. Idk bout y'all but 75g takes awhile to re-install., anybody have any other suggestions here?
2 years 234 days ago

Looks like "Starmap Special Locations" list shift down (clicking "Myrkon" activates "Valorous Heart" ...  "Lacaon Maioris" activates nothing)

2 years 237 days ago
Did you guys fix the "bad guys and psykers get injured/killed during cutscenes" bug?