Patch Notes ???


Where are the patch notes for today's update ?

Why no announcement in the forums ?

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Patch Notes ???
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6 years 343 days ago
They were posted on Saturday, check the sticky post!
6 years 345 days ago

There are no notes because this isn't a finished patch. It was released by mistake. 

6 years 345 days ago

PVP??? im bout to hop on and find out...

6 years 346 days ago

Well, they changed stuff in crafting & with the innoculators. Check it out on the bridge stations. Gameplay wise, no idea. Plus there is a PvP button on the bridge also.

6 years 346 days ago

I'm pretty curious about that myself.  Nothing visibly seems to have changed.  I *think* they might have done something with the mission balance since it seems a little closer to the norm but sadly still makes it clear that this is not yet a solo friendly game.  A little more work and the game might actually be playable.  But not being able to complete even a supposed level 1 mission is not a good sign.

I would strongly recommend the developers try playing Diablo to see how a game is properly scaled.  And for God's sake, save the Chaos Marines for higher tier missions.