Out now on Steam Early Access

King Arthur: Knight's Tale


Greetings, Heroes!

We're pleased to announce that the Early Access version of King Arthur: Knight's Tale is now available and playable on Steam, with keys already sent out to our Kickstarter backers!
If you missed our crowdfunding campaign, you can also buy the game now and gain access to this early version - which, of course, will be automatically upgraded to the full game when it releases later this year.

This version contains 2 story missions, 8 additional points of interests, 7 heroes from 4 classes (with a progression cap at level 5), 3 buildings to build and upgrade in Camelot, and an exciting intro cinematic, which you can watch here:

If you're a Kickstarter backer and you haven't received your key, check the spam folder and make sure your e-mail address is the one you provided on Kickstarter, or give it some more time. If it still doesn't turn up, please contact us with your purchase details, we'll look into it.

Since Early Access is all about shaping the game, you may encounter bugs and freezes, but it is also an opportunity to share your thoughts, report any problems and let us know how we can improve the game before it releases in a few months. New updates and extra content will be rolled out periodically, but the entirety of the game won't be spoiled in the Early Access phase.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please comment here or use the Steam community threads, we'll try to get back to you as soon as we can. In any case, thank you for your support and feedback so far, and we hope your first steps in Avalon will prepare you for a tough, but engaging journey into the land of nightmares.

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Out now on Steam Early Access King Arthur: Knight's Tale
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1 year 324 days ago

I`ll try it

2 years 333 days ago
Hello Bryan,

Thank you for bringing this subject up. I also want to share with the developers, that I share similar feelings about the "no-save" "our lines are drawn in the sand" attitude from the developers.  Even thought I read, that they are listening, I for one will not buy this game or even support their kick starter if I cannot even have the option to choose. 

I believe that when the players are told by the development team, this is how we built and intended to play our game and we encourage you to try to have the fullest experience (provide an achievement unlock for playing the game as a "Purest") and also inform your audience that they can customize their game "A La Carte", I believe you get the best of both world's and offer a more friendly solution. (provide a "Save Scum" achievement unlock for people who do save scum) and let the community judge you by your achievements. Add a mid-point save option for people who prefer that, why even make it an issue?

I've been following the progress of this game for a while now and until I see a bit more flexibility to customize how I want to play  the game I purchase then I will choose to provide my hard earn money where the choices on how I want to play and save my game matter. Again, thank you Brian for voicing your opinion. 

2 years 342 days ago
Hello again.  Thank you for responding. 

I assumed the reason that you didn’t implement a save system was that you didn’t want people rolling back bad outcomes and bad decisions.

I get it.  Believe me.  

But I still think they are ways to allow some sort of saving without compromising the integrity of the game.  

The simpliest solution would be suspended state type of save.  Like when you exit and a resume a game on a console.  Rollback isn’t possible as the game is merely picking up from exactly where you left off.  And the suspended state would be lost/deleted as soon as you started playing again.

Or, perhaps a persistent auto-save.  The player would have no interaction with it, and it would automatically save that game at specific points or key decisions I’ve played other games that implement this type if system to great effect. Again, no rollback would be possible because the player has no control over the save points  

(I realize that it could be technically difficult to implement either if these options,  depending on how the game has been developed.  But surely somehow, there lies a better option in there than no save at all.)

But ultimately, I definitely think it’s a problem you can’t ignore. And it’s only going become more pronounced as the game approaches wider release and takes on more players.  And you can be sure that every future game reviewer will mention it.

But, at least it seems like your open to it. And I appreciate that.

So how about a compromise in the short term?  

For each mission, could you add an estimated time to completion in the quest dialogue, so at least the player has some idea how much time they’ll need to put aside before committing to the mission?

That’s undoubtedly the biggest issue right now.  If I had some idea how long the mission could take, I’d know whether I not I have enough time to devote to it for that play session.

Thanks again for listening.

Bryan C.

2 years 342 days ago
This topic has been brought up by other players too but we discarded the option for now. 

Although the save option would be handy, especially in bigger missions, our main goal is to create a game where decisions actually matter and the players have to accept the outcomes, regardless if they are positive or negative.

As I personally see, there are two ways to implement the system:

1. Save option at any possible time: this could be easily abused since if one wrong decision (for instance an attack) goes wrong then it would be easy to just roll back to a previous phase and start it over again.
2. Saving only once or twice at most: this is what we debated about among us and if we plan to create a saving option mid-mission, this will be our way to choose. But for now, we still stick to the no-save option.

The Roguelite-mode need not be explained, it is for seasoned players who know what to do and what to avoid.
The saving option, if it will ever be implemented, will come to the Classic-mode only.

The above mentioned things might sound quite obvious but still show our approach to the game. With that said, we don't state that we are not open to this suggestion in the long run. As the development phase goes, we might reconsider it. Thanks for the feedback!:)

2 years 346 days ago
Hello.  I have something I need to say to the developers.  So I sincerely hope your read this. 

First of all, I love the game.  It’s everything that I’ve been looking for in a tactical strategy game and more.

But I never want to play it.  And do you know why?


So I never know how much time I may have to commit to the game because I don’t know how long the mission will be!  I mean, my God, what were you thinking? To me, this glaring oversight makes the game borderline unplayable.  It is completely unreasonable not to allow saving after a mission start.  People have lives,  People have responsibilities.  They may only have 15 or 20 minutes at a time to get in some game time.  Yet they can’t because of your unfathomable decision not to allow saving during a mission.  

If your concerned about people cheating or gaming the system, that’s easy enough to stop.  Then allow only one save slot at a time during a mission.  Or allow players to pause and resume the mission later.  I mean, something,  come on!

It’s just completely unacceptable in this day and age.  

And sadly, I think I may have to pause going forward with the game I like until it’s addressed.  It’s such a shame because the game really is off to a good start.

I do hope you read this and consider my words.  I’m came here and created an account just so I could say this.  And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Bryan C.

2 years 359 days ago

Great news, thanks.

3 years 162 days ago
Forgot to mention:

I have different savegames now. But in the loading screen i can't tell which one is "Classic mode" and which is "Rougelike mode"

3 years 162 days ago


- "Brookdale" has been finished. Seems like a weak trigger.

- Reduction (Lighten Armour) of Heavy Armour AP Penalties doesn't always work

- Potions sometimes don't work

- Finishing the mission in "Darkwood" crashes the game, but you can load the save after that again

- Tool Tips could be better defined. Exapmle "StoneSkin Potion". When does it work, can you increase your armour above Max. Does it only increase existing armour points.....

Have fun!

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3 years 164 days ago
Hello, first I want to say that I have enjoyed my experience so much playing the early access. I have finished all the missions that are available right now and I am currently starting another campaign so I can play it even more and learn everything I can about it. I am a huge fan of this game and hope the best for further development.

in order to help out I noted down most of the bugs I found during my campaign. but other than one game crash during the Bleeding Cross Monastery mission the only bugs I experienced were potion affects not working for Sir Pelleas while equipped with the Scroll of Potions Oathstone and the counter that shows how many missions needed until a hero is fully treated at the cathedral not going down after completing one while Lady Dindraine was there. also the game seems kind of laggy while on the main adventure map. 

I love the story, I love the combat, and I love the different heros. (although I would like to see Sir Gawain in the game)

I hope the development of this game goes smooth and the full release comes soon!

3 years 168 days ago

Early Access v0.0.2.

Just played the missons as far as i can push it and i like it! ;)

The mission "Brookdale" can't be finished. After all bosses are killed the trigger to end the mission doesn't show up.

For every thing else.... I like what you did very much.

The music is cool, the gameplay is nice and the little touch of "Darkest Dungeon" is very cool.

I wish you all the very best for this new title and hope for a great game.

Of course there are issues.... But that's early access....