Orkz plz? :D


Can we get some orkz plz? Chaos orkz are a thing, but i don't think they even need to be chaos. Just good ole' Orkz would be badass. Is there an IP reason for them not being in the game yet? or is it because you think it'll ruin the grim tone of the game? If so that's understandable!

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Orkz plz? :D
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2 years 160 days ago
yeah, orks would be amazing, but i would love to see necrons alot more.
2 years 172 days ago
Orks would be amazing 
2 years 173 days ago


2 years 174 days ago
Brother Kundari

I mean a fully-fledged DLC that features orkz among other things-like environments and all the stuff you listed. :) not just "throw some orkz our way" :D 

2 years 174 days ago
Well, them are coming. And so are everyone else as well. Or at least that is what I like to believe.

But I do know that we will be seeing a lot given some time. I can´t see a reason for why we shouldn´t.

But making these things, takes time. And I would rather like to see some quality then quantity. So when there is a new DLC coming out, I´d rather see them with one or perhaps 2 new races, a new opened Sector, couple Game Modes, A new Character, perhaps a new Campaign?, and some other exciting new Features.

You have many Races to choose from. Tau, Orks, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, Necrons, etc, etc. .

I´m sure threy are working with something nice that is coming. And they are better off making a decent DLC Package rather then some small stuff. I´m absolutely positive they are having a huge big fat 40k notebook with tons of ideas, which they are working with, which will be relesaed before Christmas.