Ordos store bug


I re-installed this game a couple of days ago, and I noticed the ordos store doesn't work properly anymore. It's not selling relics/Machine God's Sparks (these are vital)/whatever else + the timer was/is 70 hours IIRC? Reset, and still nothing.

Also, when is the 23 re-rolling bug going to be fixed? It's the one that doesn't allow you to roll a 23 on any X-23 range items. Next patch?

What about my adrenaline bug? The one that won't let me build adrenaline. Marco, you said you would go in and test with my character. Let me know when you are going to do this, as this is a pretty severe bug that really affects my build (seeing as how after a certain point, I can no longer use my armor skill).

Finally, I wanted to say that it was a good idea to have a survey. Hopefully, you guys realized that the event/patch was extremely underwhelming to LVL100 veterans, and probably disappointing to most seasoned players.

PS. Unholy Cathedral crashed for me today at around the 17? minute mark. I guess there were too many enemies on the screen?

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Ordos store bug
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3 years 50 days ago

I also came across an error in the cathedral at about 30-32 minutes, with the exception of the Hellbrut execution, the game engine cooled down and there was an opportunity to continue more than usual (30-30min). In the end, the psyker can't hold on for long. No execution. And after 30min ''system failure'' blue screen (PS 4)

3 years 50 days ago

We could find the crash in Unholy Cathedral, this will get fixed, thanks for the report!
Regarding the 23 value range bug it is still on our to-do list but there are higher priority issues which require our devs' attention.

As for the Machine God's Sparks, they were and are still available in the Ordo shop. 

The survey has been filled by many players which gave us a clearer picture of what the playerbase wants to see. It will be helpful for our endgame team - they are working on a new event at the moment which can be expected at the end of January.

The adrenaline bug you encountered hasn't been tested yet but I will make sure to have it checked on the coming days.

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